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    Guizhou shares best destinations to see rape flowers

    eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2022-03-16 Print


    Rape flowers have both economic and tourism value in Guizhou province. [Photo/ddcpc website]

    Southwest China's Guizhou province recently shared the most beautiful destinations for viewing rape flowers and the top 10 flower tour routes, which were selected according to planting area, scenery, resources and rural features of the rape flowers.

    In 2021, Guizhou planted 6.7 million mu of rape flowers, ranking the fifth in China. In recent years, the province has integrated rape flower planting with agricultural sightseeing and rural tourism to improve the comprehensive benefits of rape planting and increase farmers' incomes.

    The most beautiful destinations are flower seas in Guiyang's Kaiyang county, Zunyi's Renhuai city, Liupanshui's Panzhou city, Huangguoshu National Park in Anshun city, Baotun village in Anshun's Xixiu district, Anshun's Pingba district, Bijie's Qianxi city, Tongren's Bijiang district and Jiangkou county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture's Liping county and Cengong county, Qiannan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture's Guiding county, Longli county and Changshun county, and Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture's Xingyi city.

    The tour routes are as follows:

    Route 1: Cherry blossoms in Guiyang's Qingzhen county-level city

    Qingzhen's urban area – Shanyun tea garden – cherry blossom park – China Tea Exhibition Garden

    Route 2: Flower viewing and recreation in Zunyi's Meitan county

    Meitan's urban area – Qianyi plum tree garden – Yungui Mountain – Meitan's largest tea garden park – Tianjiagou village – Wanhuayuan scenic area – Qicai village – Hetaoba village – China Tea Industry Museum

    Route 3: Cherry blossoms in Anshun's Pingba district

    Pingba's urban area – Cherry blossom park – Xiaohewan village – Tianlong Tunbao Ancient Town

    Route 4: Mountainous agriculture sightseeing in Liupanshui city

    Liupanshui's urban area – Meihua Mountain – Binujie hot spring – Jiucaiping scenic area

    Route 5: Flower sea in Bijie's Qianxi city

    Qianxi's urban area – rape flowers in Liuan Shuixiang – peach and plum flowers in Qiulin village – Huawu village

    Route 6: Rhododendrond in Tongren's Fanjing Mountain

    Yinjiang county's urban area – Fanjing Mountain's rhododendron scenic spot

    Route 7: Rape flowers in Qiandongnan's Tianzhu county

    Tianzhu's urban area – Sanshili waterscape corridor – Limuchong flower sea – Yejichong flower sea

    Route 8: Flower appreciation in Jinhai Snow Mountain, Qiannan's Guiding county

    Guiding's urban area – Gelugesang Guizhou Folk Custom Grand View Garden – Siji flower valley – Jinhai Snow Mountain – Yinzhai village – craftsman's flower town – Panjiang town

    Route 9: Plum trees in Qiannan's Libo county

    Libo's urban area – Dongtang land of plum trees – Red Army's historical site in Banzhai village

    Route 10: Spring flowers in Qianxinan

    Xingyi city's Wanfeng forest – Guizhouchun scenic spot – Yilong peach blossom valley – Xingren East Lake – Haihe village's battle site – Fangmaping scenic area

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